Highly qualified staff

We have highly qualified personnel who implement and supervise fire fighting systems. We ensure compliance with protocols that provide our services with the highest quality and optimal operation of the equipment.

Prevention can be the best remedy. The maintenance service we offer is both preventive and corrective in nature. This allows us to extend the useful life of our systems and, in this way, assure our customers for longer.

  • Automatic fire detection systems.
  • Communication and fire alarm systems.
  • Water supply. Exterior hydrants.
  • Equipped fire hydrants (BIES)
  • Dry column
  • Extinguishing by automatic water sprinklers
  • Extinction using gaseous agents
  • Extinguishing by water spray
  • Fire extinguishers

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We are your Fire Fighting System company in Huelva
Maintenance, installations and fire fighting systems

Fire protection

  • Supply of material for fire protection systems.
  • Installation and maintenance of fire protection systems:
  • Automatic fire detection systems.
  • Manual fire alarm systems.
  • Alarm communication systems.
  • Fire water supply systems.
  • Outdoor hydrant systems.
  • Fire hydrant systems equipped.
  • Dry column systems.
  • Extinguishing systems using automatic water sprinklers.
  • Extinguishing systems using water spray, low expansion physical foam, powder, and gaseous extinguishing agents, and fire extinguishers.

Pressure equipment

  • Installation of pressure equipment that does not require a project
  • Repair of pressure equipment.
  • Authorized refilling and inspection center for self-contained breathing apparatus bottles:
  • Visual inspection.
  • Bottle inspection.
  • Bottle refill.

We carry out periodic and visual inspections of compressed air bottles with the most cutting-edge machinery. Complying with Complementary Technical Instruction EP-5. Upon completion of the inspection of each bottle, we provide our clients with a certificate official inspection.

Lifesaving devices

  • Sale of rafts and lifeboats: We supply state-of-the-art rafts and lifeboats, complying with international regulations to guarantee safety in maritime and industrial environments.
  • Boat Equipment: We provide essential accessories for boats, optimizing the response capacity in emergency situations.
  • Authorized distribution and specialized maintenance: As authorized distributors, we offer comprehensive sales and maintenance services for life rafts and survival craft, ensuring compliance with the highest maritime safety standards.

Gas detection

  • Equipment calibration and certification: We guarantee the precision and reliability of gas detection systems through rigorous calibration and certification processes, ensuring correct operation in industrial environments.
  • Maintenance and repair of personal equipment: We offer comprehensive services that include the testing and repair of personal gas detection equipment, as well as its sale. We are committed to providing effective solutions to guarantee individual safety in risky work environments.
  • Installation of specialized devices: We install gas detection devices, ensuring effective and reliable coverage.
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